Adults w/Game Adults w/Game


Member Rules

  • Donate and Request Well (Do not care about ratio, but must actively do both)
  • Work to max each TH before moving to next (Be mindful of war weight)
  • Communicate in clan chat

Elder Rules - Same as member +

  • Recruit and accept good TH8 and above to clan. Rushed okay if not planning on being in wars until caught up.
  • ONLY kick members being disrespectful or repeatedly using foul language.
  • Donate 1500+ per season

Co Rules - Same as elder +

  • Help lead wars - coordinate attacks/fill war castles
  • Post clan/war messages using mail system
  • Promote Members to Elder as appropriate
  • Co-Leaders are true clan leader and will take lead in at least 1 aspect of clan management

War Schedule:

War 1: Search Monday 7:30pm Pacific time  (UTC -8)

War 2: Search Wednesday 7:30pm Pacific time  (UTC -8)

War 3: Search Friday 7:30pm Pacific time  (UTC -8)

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