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Elder status

Elder is awarded to those members with a league badge who have conducted themselves appropriately, and within the current or previous season:

  • Achieve the ‘cap’ score in Clan Games, or perform well throughout the wars within a Clan War League season, AND
  • Donate a minimum of 1,000 troops, without having an unreasonable donation ratio between troops donated and troops received.

Having achieved Elder, these criteria do not need to be met every month to maintain the status, but any of the following may result in the loss of status, at the discretion of the Leader or Co-Leaders:

  • Inactivity (as evidenced by a league badge);
  • Low donations or having an unreasonable donation ratio at the end of a season;
  • Non-participation or low scores over several Clan Games;
  • Missing War attacks;
  • Not changing War status to Red when unavailable for Wars, particularly CWL week;
  • Unreasonable conduct; or
  • Leaving the Clan, other than very temporarily.

Two Co-leaders are selected by the Leader to help manage the Clan based on their sustained loyalty, experience, reliability and conduct.  

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