armourgeddon armourgeddon



All active players are welcome.  This is a friendly clan.  Offensive, bully & rude behaviours are not tolerated.  All members are treated with courtesy and respect.

This clan is always in wars (back to back in most time)  and always aims to hit the top rewards in clan game.  The main focus is team work so that all members can reap the rewards from winning the wars and the clan game achievements.  Your full corporation, as well as strong focus on war strategies and team works are crucial for the clan to move forward. 

Your times in this clan are very much appreciated.  If you are active in participating in wars and clan games, we hope this is the clan you are looking for.  It is preferable that you can participate both in wars and the clan game challenges.  However, if you do not participate in any of the wars and clan games, it is defeating the purpose of joining a clan. 

Thank you for joining armourgeddon and hope you have fun time here.  Please feel free to bring any query or questions to the clan chat. 

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