armourgeddon armourgeddon


  1. Your ability to communicate in English. 
  2. When you can't participate in a war, opt out in "Clan Wars" at "My Profile" or at least give notification in clan chat in the case of something come up.  Always remember to keep this war status updated regularly if you can't attack or due to heroes or spell factory upgrades.  This is a great feature in the game to utilise at all times and this helps the leadership members accurately select members for war.  This will eliminate the guess works, the failures of no attacks and other members missed out at war.  It can not be emphasis strong enough that all members must use this features as it is an effective communication tool for war selection.  Failure to use this tool will result in a no attacks at war and will effectively get you kicked !!!!
  3. If you elect not to participate in war, you must participate in clan game challenges and always aim to earn at least 2000 points as we are endeavour to get max rewards.  So start early as soon as the clan game kicks off, the sooner we hit the max rewards the better it is for everyone to move on.  If you elect not to participate in war and not to participate in clan games, it is defeating the purpose of joining this clan or any other clans in that matter.
  4. When a member requests specific troop donations, only donate the requested troops. 
  5. We expect that if you request troops, that you must also donate troops.  Please keep your request in proportion.  As a guide, the donated troops are for wars and for defending your war base.  Please refrain from using the donated troops for your own individual war attack, unless you have your additional accounts to feed through each of your own accounts.  This is to avoid the additional strains and burdens putting on the generosity of clan members.
  6. Help out lower level players to develop their base, strategies, and anything else they need assistance with.
  7. If you are new to clan wars, clan games, using the war opt out feature or anything, please bring it to clan chat without any hesitation.  There are members who are more than happy to assist with your query. 
  8. Above all else, have fun at armourgeddon!

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