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The war objective is always striving to achieve 3-stars for each attack.  NO LOOTING, the focus is to achieve maximum stars for each attack in line with the war plan and rule guidelines as listed below.  If you are focusing on the loots’ amount in choosing a target for each attack, you can do so at your individually attack but never do it in a war attack.  Looting does not do any justice to all other war members and it can get you expelled without warning. 

Follow the basic concepts of war plan & rule guidelines below and pay attention on clan chat & messages as directed by a leadership member during the war day.


  1. NEVER attack a base which has already been 3-stars from previous attack.
  2. To choose an attack target, you must endeavour to choose the same target base number as your position number, such as position 1 attacks base 1, position 2 attacks base 2.  This is ideal if you want to attack in the first 12 hours of the war and in conjunction with other guidelines below.
  3. It is important if your base falls into the lower two third, you must endeavour to get your attacks done ASAP (preferably in first 12 hours).  This is to enable the higher base to drop down if needed in the case of a failed attack. Such as if your base is between 6 and 15 for a 15 members’ war, or between 8 and 20 for a 20 members’ war etc.
  4. Do not attack a target higher than your base position number.  The only exemption to choose a target above your position number is when all the targeted bases at your position level & lower have already had at least 2 stars.
  5. Do not attack a position 5 places lower than your position number.  You can only choose a lower target which you can 3 stars comfortably but not overly easy (as NOT to over kill a target).  You must bear in mind that the lower team members need to have a go as well, also you are just wasting an attack opportunity.  The only exemption is for cleaning up from the bottom when all lower members have used up all the attacks.
  6. For the top 5 war position members, please hold your attack ideally for 12 hours from the war stars if possible.
  7. Before choosing a target, study the "War Map" and "War Info".  Identify what bases are open in the "War Map" and which team members have not yet attacked in the "War Info".  With those information, you can choose a base which you can maximise the opportunity to earn a 3 stars.  This is a team work and requires planning.  Please do not just go to attack any base.  Failing to follow the rules guidelines will cost us stars and winning a war.
  8. Follow a simple methodolgy of clearing all bases from the bottom up when choosing your target and cross checking who is still not yet to attack when making your decision.
  9. Once you have chosen a target, Do not rushed Always.  Scout the target base by checking for potential type of clan castle troops and plan your attack strategy.
  10. Make sure you have requested troop donation, check and double check your army and spells are all complete
  11. When requesting troop for war, please state “WAR”, this will give potential donors the message if their troops are good enough at your level.
  12. When in war, you are expected to use up both attacks.  If not, you may be excluded from next war or potentially liable to get you kicked.
  13. Failure to attack during a clan league war match will have consequences, it's not worth to not attacking as none of us can cover you and you could potentially lose us the war.... and all the goodies that go with it.
  14. If you are unsure of your target base, please do not hesitate to ask in clan chat.  A leadership member can assist with your choosing target.  It is better to ask rather than having a failed attack.

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