BringersOfRain BringersOfRain




  • Members are strongly encouraged to join at least 2 wars per month

  • If you have an expected absence that will affect the team please opt out of war and let leadership know.

  • 100% fair play (no XMOD or hacks of any kind)

  • No Swearing, be respectful to all and have fun.

  • Member must be 18 + Years old


  • We use an app called BAND to communicate and coordinate because In-game chat is too limiting. Members are strongly encouraged to download the app and join our channel. If you don't, you WILL miss critical information. Being unaware is not an excuse. If you'd rather not install an app, you can use the website version:

    Either way, ask an elder how to join our BAND group. "BAND - App for all groups" by NAVER Corp. Green/white icon.


  • Request any troops type you like.

  • Do not request specific troop levels for non-war so members with lower TH levels can meet donation minimums.

  • War Troops - only max level troops donated for war attacks and clan castle defense

  • Always donate to open requests and donate only the troops that are requested.  

  • Donation minimums

    • Member: 800 Donation/Season

    • Elder: 2000 Donation/Season

    • Leader: 3000 Donations/Season


We do not require that you participate in clan games.  However, we frown heavily on freeloading so if you do choose to participate (i.e., you register more than ZERO points), you must meet the minimum number of points.   

CLAN Games Minimums (unless otherwise noted in an in-game clan mail):

  • Member: 1% Clan Game Points/Game

  • Elder: 1.5% Clan Game Points/Game

  • Leader: 2% Clan Game Points/Game


  • ClashTrack App used to call war attacks.  If you’re not registered on ClashTrack, you’ll be left out of war and eventually kicked.

    • ClashTrack Name: Bringers of Rain

    • Clan password: (to be provided upon screening)

  • War Frequency (2X Per Week) (start times subject to change w/o notice)

    • Monday Start (11pm-12am EST)

    • Thursday Start (11pm-12am EST)


  • Members are expected to manage their own opt in/opt out.  Members that are opt themselves in are expected to use both war attacks in each war they are in without exception.

    • If no un-tripled targets exist in your attack range, you are expected use the hit(s) for practice on bases that you consider challenging but possible to 3-star.  

  • If you have a hero down, you may participate but you are expected to adjust your attack range accordingly.  If unsure, ask. 

  • Serious Attacks ONLY--we attack for war stars NOT loot. Generally speaking, hit only what you think you can 3 star (+/- 4 spots from you a good place to start)

  • All targets are to be claimed using Clashtrack

    • Your 1st call on a target will expire after 2 hours.  Your 2nd call will expire after 1 hour. Don’t call until you’ll be ready to attack in that timeframe.

    • Only call one target at a time.

    • After you attack go back to ClashTrack and update your stars and percentage.

  • For Attacks - Request any troop you desire but be sure to include the word “WAR” in you request so others know it’s for war and you get max troop fills.

  • Lower bases need to make an effort to get their attacks in within the first 12 hours of the war so the upper lever bases can clean up as the war progresses.  “Lower bases” are any bases in the bottom half of the lineup that have not been exempted from this rule by leadership. If you’re not sure if you’ve been exempted from this rule, you have not.


Things that will get you booted:

  • Swearing or obviously childish behavior

  • Cheating (mods or hacks)

  • Freeloading clan games (participating in but not meeting the point minimums)

  • Participating in wars without checking in with clan communications on BAND at least once a day (that includes non-war days).

  • Repeatedly not using Clashtrack to call war hits

  • Repeatedly posting CC requests without filling open requests and/or letting your donation ratio get out of control (1:3 ratio donated:accepted starts to raise eyebrows)

  • Missing a total of 2 or more war attacks from your previous 2 wars without offering an explanation in a timely manner.

  • Using war attacks for loot runs.

Things that will get you suspended for a war:

  • Missing one war attack in any war

  • Not using Clashtrack to call war hits

  • Repeatedly not using both attacks within the first 12 hours of war when directed to do so by per-war guidelines.

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