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Our Approach to the Clan War League (CWL)

We are in Masters 2 league in the CWL.


As a guide, all Clan members will be included in the monthly war roster, so long as they are active and donating (N.B. for Alt accounts, the overall contribution of that player will be taken into account).

War Participants

The Leader (or Co-Leader where delegated) will select 15 Clan members for war, based on:

  • Those who have a ‘green’ opt-in status and are active;
  • Townhall level (TH13 generally required);
  • Reliability, based on previous history, of doing attacks;
  • Strong offence, and solid defence;
  • Heroes available;
  • Likelihood, based on previous history, of two-starring TH13 opponents and not being tripled 

The Leader (or Co-Leader where delegated) may ‘substitute’ a war participant for:

  • Missing a war attack;
  • Failing to attack the target assigned;
  • Performance (e.g. failing to two star the same TH-level, or not three-starring a dip attack);
  • War base being tripled by opponents;
  • Providing opportunities to other clan members, where maximum medals will be achieved by the player being substituted.

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