ClashTracks FAQ

ClashTrack is a unique clan management site that provides many tools for a variety of Clan Styles. It fully utilizes Super Cell’s API, so if there is information that SuperCell releases to the public you can rest assured that ClashTrack will take advantage of it on this site. It is not complicated and provides an easy and minimal interface yet gives you advanced stats that come from far more complicated management sites. It can be maintained from a clan and it’s members or even from an administrative data collection mode. ClashTrack supports multiple clans and multiple accounts under one login. ClashTrack not only provides a war base caller and statistical site, but provides many resources and tools that cover every other aspect of the game! There is a strong User Support community and responsive development. ClashTrack meets all of your clan management needs, while constantly changing and enhancing as the game progresses.

ClashTrack fully utilizes Supercell’s Application Program Interface (API) in every aspect of the site. Most importantly, as Supercell further develops their API, ClashTrack Development quickly implements it. This allows for as much automation as possible between the clan management site and Clash of Clans game, allowing clans the full benefit of both!

Absolutely not. In fact Supercell has endorsed ClashTrack and recommended it to their users as a Clan Management tool. ClashTrack does not modify the game in any way, it simply provides tools and resources to you and your clan mates.

Join the Discord Group, found in Contacts at the bottom of each web page. You will be connected with the ClashTrack User Community. This is also where you can report glitches, request enhancements and share ideas.

Yes! Twitter and Facebook at this time. Come and join the party.

Simply Donate to ClashTrack development and your account will be set up as AD Free.

Support development by donating. Join the Discord support group where you can offer support to other users, share ideas and suggestions and even volunteer your services if you have a specific talent that could help development. Translation Service are always needed, give us a shout if you can help. Spread the word and get more users to use ClashTrack!

No, non registered users can take advantage of the ClashTrack Tools and Info Menus, which provide many resources like Tactics Editor for base strategy design, Troop Comp calculator that saves comps and many more. Other menu items will display a brief overview on what is offered to the registered user. Register with ClashTrack to have complete access to the vast amount of clan resources and tools described!

If you usually login via social media (Twitter, FaceBook) then your password must be reset through those accounts. If it is a ClashTrack login and password then select ‘Forgot password?’ on the login page and a password will be e-mailed to your registered e-mail address. If you haven’t received this e-mail within 10 minutes then please check your SPAM folder as your service provider may have flagged it as spam.

You must use the exact Email Address you registered with. If you registered through Social Media, you must work with them to recover your email address. If you registered directly with ClashTrack then join the Discord support chat to get assistance (found under Contacts in the footer section of each web page).
DO NOT start creating new emails if you want to keep your ClashTrack history that was already created. Reach out for help first!

Make sure you check your SPAM and JUNK folders for an email response. If you still do not find the email response, reach out to the Discord support chat to get assistance (found under Contacts in the footer section of each web page).

Yes! An all under ONE login. When you register and login to ClashTrack you can add as many user accounts as you need under Settings. Plus, your accounts can even be in different clans! It’s a unique feature to ClashTrack.

You MUST enter your in game Player Tag #. It must match EXACTLY. Ensure it is YOUR PLAYER Tag #, not the clan Tag #. The Sync from API button will validate your player tag and retrieve Town Hall, Spell, Troop level and Hero level information for the player.
Player stats are collected for Registered Accounts
If you mistype your Tag # or see any problems at all with this, reach out to the Discord User Support Group. DO NOT start creating different accounts, it will complicate the fix and you could lose any historical or statistical information you may already have!

The data of authorized users authorized by social-networking passports (Facebook, Google, Twitter) is used to identify a user from any device it uses to use ClashTrack provided tools.

To delete your user account:
1. Authorize the page with the relevant social network passport.
2. Open Settings.
3. Press “Delete ClashTrack account” and confirm the selection.
4. Your data will be permanently deleted with all your other stored information on ClashTrack.

In ClashTrack, under Clan → Members
A green gem will appear next to the member’s name when they have registered and joined the clan. There is also a Last Seen Date and Time when they were last on ClashTrack.

In ClashTrack, under Clan → Members
First check to make sure the member has Registered and Joined the clan (green gem next to their name). Then click on their user name, for member details. Here you can ‘Promote to Administrator’ or ‘Give Owner Status’. You can also add comments, see the member’s War Statistics or Progress!
It is recommended that you are highly selective in giving these privileges, just as you are in your Clash of Clan game.

Double check your member list to ensure both members are really not listed. Often there is a very slight typing error, exclamation or other unique identifying character and both members are actually there.

This should no longer happen with the new Member Profile API validation. IF it does happen the member not showing up would normally have an error in their tag#. Go to the Discord User Support Group and ask for assistance. You can get the member ‘Re-Validated’ with their tag# to see if that corrects the problem. DO NOT attempt to edit tag#’s, register new accounts or other fixes. This will only complicate the issue and could make it impossible to attach to any history already created.

There should not be duplicate member’s with the User Profile API, which validates each user to their in-game player tag#.
However, in some cases users or admin create them.
User’s can create a duplicate user by registering under a different email and validating their user under the same player tag. Inform users this is never a solution for a forgotten registration. They must recover that information. You or the user can reach out to the Discord User Support Group.

Duplicate members also occur when Member synchronize is not being managed correctly, especially in clans where members move regularly between clans (Families). The best solution for these clans is to leave those members as active members in your clan. Any time they come over, they are already set up. When doing a ‘Synchronize members’ do not select them for deletion.
Use ‘Synchronize members’ add and delete functions as a method to add ‘NEW’ members and delete ‘Permanent remove’ members. However, not as a method of maintaining a list of recurring members.
If you do end up with Duplicate Members:

  1. Have the member log off of ClashTrack
  2. Determine which member is the correct member you want to keep, and which member needs to be removed. Check the War Statistics and Attack History. You will want to keep the member that has data with the clan.
  3. Remove the member without any data, or the least amount of data if this occurred during a war. Remove that member from the Ex-members tab.
  4. Remove the member you want to keep. In the Ex-members tab ensure that the “Player Tag” field is populated with the Clash of Clans member’s Tag #. If it is NOT, then go to the Discord User Support Group and ask for help to get the member ‘ReValidated’.
  5. Reinstate that member.

Regenerate the Clan password, under Clan → Clan settings.
This will not impact members that are already joined. It will effect any member that is trying to join the clan again, like an Ex-member!

The member’s profile displays their in game player Tag#, either from the synchronize member API or if the player entered it manually. Clan → Clan Members → Click on the member name and see Tag # in upper left corner of page. The member’s Player Tag# is also displayed in the Ex-Members page.

The recommended method of setting up your ClashTrack (CT) members from your in game clan is to first build your Member list with the API (synchronize members). Then have your ClashTrack member select their name from that list. This preferred member set up will avoid duplicate member names and tags which can cause many problems later!
The steps are as follows:
1. Clan → Clan Members → Synchronize Members. This will create your ClashTrack member list from the Clash of Clans game member list.
2. Once the list is created, you can instruct your members to register with ClashTrack and join your clan.
3. After the member registers they will be prompted to create or join a clan. Provide them your Clan Password, found in Clan → Clan Settings → Password.
4. After they join your clan they will be presented with a list of member names, in which they SELECT their name. (You created this list in Step #1 above). There is also a method that allows member to manually key in their player name and tag#. (see below). Avoid this method for most clan member setup.
5. IF they do not see their name in the list, instruct them to contact you. It may mean you have not synchronized the member list yet to recognize their in game member. Once Synchronized their name will be displayed in the selection list.

The best way to maintain a member list for clan members is to KEEP those members in your active member list. Any time they come over to your clan they will already have a member name set up, which will also have all of their history data.
This means you will use your ‘Synchronize Members’ option carefully. Do not always delete, add or reinstate recommended members. These are merely suggestions based on basic API load of members, but as a Clan administrator you need to maintain your member list to fit your clan’s needs.
You could use the option of deleting and reinstating these clan family members, but it does add an extra workload to your clan member maintenance that you do not necessarily need. If your complaint is that it creates an extra workload on your Current War Team lineup, then chances are you are using that incorrectly. Please see Faq entry ‘organize clan members in the My Team tab’ to ensure you are using this correctly.

Clan → Link Collection is a page to store links on that your clan members have access to. Members can also add to the collection and can edit the entries they make. Admin has access to everything.

Yes! There are multiple ways of entering Historical war data, depending on the volume of data you want and the amount of detail information for war statistics.
The easiest and fastest method is to use the Clan Wars → War Log → Sync from API found at the bottom of the page. This method will provide a list of 50 wars the SuperCell’s API provides. You can select from this list to import war history into ClashTrack. Make sure you do not select a war that has already been entered in CTrack. The obvious limitation is that the API only tracks 50 of the latest wars.
Another method is to only enter your war ‘Header’ information, which will give you a historical record of war date and win/lose/draw status. This option is located in Clan Wars → War Log → Enter War History (bottom of page). If the ‘Sync from API’ method did not introduce all of your war data and you would like to add header info without spending time on the detail, this would be a good option for you. The limitation here is this option will not add historical war statistics.
The more detailed method is to create each war in Current War, create your historical data in the Battle Day and Defense tabs, and close the war out. Although tedious, this lengthy process will implement all of your war history into ClashTrack and build your member’s war statistics!

Yes! ClashTrack is designed as a Base Caller system and provides countless tools and resources to clan leadership as well as members; however, it also supports clans that want to simply collect the war statistics for their members.
Creating the war, populating My Team, Opponent and Defense data as well as closing out the war all remains the same.
Instead of clan member’s entering their call and attack information

  • In Battle Day tab clan Administrators enter attack information under the “Used Attacks” feature. There are two different entry methods available here: each individual attack (top section) OR all attacks.

The Clan’s War History and Member Statistics will all be updated!

Yes! Clan Wars → Current War simply select Public War. This will generate a link that you can share to allow members outside of your clan to make Outside calls. The actual Attack information can not be updated outside of the clan.

If you want to allow members calling for each other, set it up:
Clan → Clan settings Select Allow members calling for other members and save.
Now, your members can make the calls:
Clan Wars → Current war on the Base row, select the + (add call), and select the member from the drop down window.

The CALL data for each base must be entered in chronological (date/time) order for the ClashTrack statistics to update correctly. There are many ways of accomplishing this and each clan does it differently. ClashTrack does allow for members to place calls for other members which helps to ensure calls are kept in order.
When the Attack data is updated on the call, you will see the call/attack falls into place in date/time sequence, so do not confuse it to think the attack needs to be sequenced. Only the call.

The ClashTrack War Attack Type describes the type of war attack the member did and also determines if the attack should be counted in the member’s war statistics.
The Attack Type is set under Clan Wars → Battle Day → used attacks and is set by Administrators only. Attack Type can be set at any time, but setting it at of end of war is probably the easiest.
Attack Types of “Normal” and “Loot” count in the member’s war statistics, the remaining Attack Types (Scout, Allowed Loot and Practice) do not count in their war stats. ALL Attack Types display in the member’s Attack history.

No. That would be reverse engineering the ClashTrack website! Many of the tools and resources on ClashTrack have been designed to eliminate the need for user spreadsheets.

Progress Tracker goes by the Townhall (TH) set in the Member’s Settings (Member name → Settings). Set your number of “Builders” here as well.
Any time a member changes the TH and Builders or Supercell changes a tracked item the Progress Tracker must be refreshed. Go through each tab and select the “Update” button to refresh the items and it will work reflect all current changes!

Progress Tracker is actually showing the first level of every possible upgrade in these instances. Notice there is an ‘expand’ button next to these. Simply click that button and you will see the entire list of levels for these upgrades.

The Clash of Clans in game Builder list shows you timers for your builders. There is no need to duplicate that functionality.

The saved composition lists are saved in your internet browser storage (cache). If you clear cache on a device for your browser, you will also clear those saved composition lists.
Please note, that in private/incognito mode saved compositions won't be available.