Tracked attacks: 5.9 Millions+
Tracked wars: 206 K+
Accounts created: 435 K+
Clan websites: 18 K+
Clash of Clans videos : 13 K+
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Clan manager

Member list is completed automatically from API! Find out everything about your clan members, see their progress and clan war attack results. If there is a reason someone should not be taken to war, you can add a note to their profile in war line-up section that is only visible to clan leaders. That way, you can warn other leaders not to take someone to war, who has, for example, not used both attacks in previous wars. The ex-members section will help you keep track why somebody has left the clan or was kicked.

Clan war caller

Tired of someone attacking first an enemy that you spent hours preparing to attack? Try our Clan War Caller - call your clan war attacks and register received stars! Discuss tactics with other clan members, write comments for enemy bases and use the new Tactics Editor tool to draw attack strategies!

Tactics editor

Make a screenshot of the enemy base so you and your clan members can draw an attack plan. In Tactical editor you can draw troop, hero and spell placement. Use the pencil tool,to draw anything from planned troop movement direction, to troop placement zones. Use the numbered flag tool to mark placed troop count in that spot, mark spell order or divide the attack into stages!

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Progress tracker

Keep track of your progress and do not miss the moment when you should go to the next level of your Town Hall. You will know the costs and the time needed for construction and researches.

Troop calculator

Calculate Troop and Spell Army composition Costs, Time and Barracks plans. Quick setup by TH level. Easily adjust quantities. Update levels as your game progresses. Save feature to keep different army comps at your disposal! Even a Boost feature for barracks and Spell factories. Makes the most efficient use of all of your resources.

Clan website

Create your clan website on ClashTrack for free! Your will be provided with custom pages, like About, Requirements and Rules. But also you can choose to show automatically your War log and War statistics from the site's data.

Many more features!

ClashTrack also has Clan chat, Ex-member list, opponent town hall and own war team settings, war line-up with different categories, member profiles with their upgrade progress and costs, private link collections. Give it a try!

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