Gay &MightyⓂ️ Gay &MightyⓂ️



  1. Be nice and respectful to all
  2. TH8 and UP donate a minimum of 200 troop spaces per season
  3. Only ask for MAX troops for War requests. This is so everyone can donate
  4. MUST use both attacks in war (3 missed attacks in 3 separate wars in 6 months = KICK)
  5. Wars usually start between 6PM to 10PM EST (GMT +5)
  6. Keep your war badge updated: Red Badge Out - Green Badge IN
  7. War Eligibility starts when your 'new' status goes away in clan roster
  8. Be able to chat in English so we can have fun talking
  9. Remember we are a diverse mixture of LGBT and Allies ✨✨✨
  10. Campy fun is encouraged 
  11. Join us on Discord, a chat app that allows us to coordinate and have fun. Ask for the link

Great Links:   

1# Funneling will help you get loot and win attacks

2# Max Your Heroes fast!  Heroes are the most import troops to focus on.

3# Mid level Attack strategies (One strategy does not work)

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