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You must be active and contribute to the clan by doing at least one of these things:
  • Participate in Clan Wars
  • Participate in Clan Games
  • Donate troops (and have a donation/received ratio >= 1)
  • Participate in Clan Capital Raids
  • Contribute capital gold to the Clan Capital
To be considered to fight in Clan War League you must meet these minimum requirements:
  • Participate in at least 4 of the regular Clan Wars during the season prior to CWL
    • Use 50% or more of your attacks in those regular Clan Wars
  • The above war requirement may be waived at the Leader's discretion if you participated in the previous CWL
  • Home village is TH12 or higher.

Be careful, if your profile has your Clan War preference set to "I'm In" then you will likely be put into wars. If you don't attack in a war you've been put in that will count against you. Keep you war preference accurate.

The number of rounds you fight in CWL may depend on your Clan War participation % and your war weight distribution. Basically, the more wars you fought in and the higher % of attacks used then more you get favored for placement in CWL rounds. If your base is rushed, or your weight is heavy towards defenses but light on offense and heroes you might get limited time

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