Road Rag3 Road Rag3


  • Always attack twice in war. No exceptions.
  • Wars are 50vs only.
  • In order to be part of war you must build a war army and successfully challenge 3 clan members of the team at equal Town Hall level to you own. Once complete this exam/test with good results you can be added to wars.
  • Don’t upgrade heros, spell factory, seige workshop during war, exception for pets.

Failure to follow these rules will lead to your removal from the clan.

CWL Rules:

  1. Please Reserve a base, it last the whole war. Make sure get 2 star 70%+ Everyone will play and get full medals.
  2. Each player should expect to sit 1 or 2 wars to allow our additonal players 3 attacks each.
  3. Make sure your war base is unique on map, choose anti 3 design please only 
  4. Player will sit ONE war IF: A)No show B)1 or No star C) Base Tripled and not change [Confirm in chat immediately] 
  5. Do not upgrade any hero unless have book hammer or gems 
  6. If heros or troops are not max use booster when face the top 2 enemy clans 
  7. Players with 3 attacks and 6 stars will be given bonus, rest of bonus goes to top ranked attackers based on stars  

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