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SteelCityFarm was set up to provide an environment where active clashers could come together as a team and assist each other in development of their villages and attacking skills in an environment free from harassment and bullying.  We all have value and skills that we bring to the table and therefore each of us can and do make a contribution to the success and growth of this clan.  The goal is to expose all clan members to the widest variety of events available within clash of clans including War, Raiding, Forum Discussion, strategy and Clan Games in a safe and supportive environment.  Clash of Clans should be fun and non stressful.  After all it is only a game.Nonetheless, rules are necessary in order to ensure the smooth operation of such a diverse group of members.  With that in mind, I have put together some guidelines for the members of our clan.  I would be appreciative of suggestions and comments on this set of rules.

With Kindest Regards,


War Guidelines


1. Everyone is encouraged to participate in war. There is no minimum TH level or troop level. To participate, simply opt in.

2. Certain wars may be set up that exclude some town hall levels above a certain level in order to allow less advanced villages to participate in war in a less intimidating environment.

3. As a courtesy to your fellow clanmates, opt out of war if your spell factory or both of your heroes are down.

4. Only participate in the war with one hero down if you are confident you can 3 star a base not much weaker than yours.

War Clan Castle

1. If you have a specific request for your war cc, please indicate it as early as possible. Request made in the last 12 hours of preparation day cannot be guaranteed.

2. The top 2 players in the war are in charge of and expected to fill war cc’s according to player requests.

3. If cc’s are unfilled with less than 2 hours left to battle day, anyone may fill war cc’s either according to the request or with wizards, dragons, witches, valkyries, balloons (no more than 2 in a cc) and/or archers.

4. Any deviation from war cc guidelines, especially if done as a joke or a prank, without the approval of a co-leader or elder will result in sanctions up to and including immediate expulsion from the clan.

Number of Attacks

1. All participants in war are expected to make TWO attacks.

2. Failure to make at least one attack in war will result in an automatic strike and exclusion from the next war.

3. Failure to make both attacks in war may result in a strike at the discretion of co-leaders if we lose the war, and there was an enemy base which you could have scored stars on.

Attack Timing and Strategy

1. For your first attack you should:

    a. Attack during the first 12 hours of battle day

    b. Attack in the range of your mirror, +/- 1. (i.e. if you are ranked 5, hit one of 4-6)

    c. Try to aim as high as you can comfortably 3 star

2. For your second attack you should:

    a. Attack during the second 12 hours of battle day

    b. Attack as high as possible and to get three stars (eg. If you are rank 3 and the opponent rank 5 and 7 are 2 starred, you should attack 5 if you can three star it)If you can only attack early or late in the battle day, please post it on the Band group chat AND the clan chat so your clanmates can plan accordingly.

Please follow the posted War Plan for the current battle. Deviations should be cleared through the Leader or CO that is in charge of the War at that time.


1. Each person can make exactly one claim per war.

2. Claims are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3. Claims must be respected during the first 12 hours of battle day. Failure to do so will result in a strike for the offending player.

4. All claims are void in the second 12 hours of battle day


It is my profound hope that everybody can get along and help each other in our clash journey.  But here in the real world it is sometimes necessary to mete out discipline in an effort to maintain order and ensure that the whole team has their oars in the water and everyone is pulling in the same direction.  Therefore I am proposing a three strike system whereby a member who is not following the rules will be awarded a strike.   Three strikes in any 3 month period will result in expulsion from the clan at the discretion of the Leader or Co-Leaders.The strikes will be re-set to zero every January 1, April 1, July 1 and September 1 in any year. A record of the strikes will be kept by the Leader and or any Co-leader who is in charge of the task.Strikes will be awarded as follows:

• Non participation in clan games - 2 strikes

• Not following the War Plan w/o discussing with the CO in charge of war - 1 strike

• As noted above, failure to use any attacks in a war - 1 strike and exclusion from the next War

• Inactivity in the clan for a period exceeding 2 weeks - 1 strike (unless by prior arrangement with a CO or the Leader)

  • Abuse or harassment of any member will result in immediate expulsion from the clan.

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