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The upgrade plan can be found in the Link Collection item under the Clan dropdown. There should only be ONE upgrade/rebuild in progress at any point in time. Only start the next one on the plan when the previous one is finished. This will allow us to complete the plan in a more timely fashion.


War searches usually start on Wednesday and Sunday evenings at about 9:00pm Eastern Time. Opt out of war whenever you have a hero or spell factory upgrading.

The first attack is on your mirror within the first 16 hours of the war, preferably before going to bed the first night.

The second attack is a cleanup (not a fresh hit) and must be approved by one of the leaders. We like to work up from the bottom so our lower half should finish both attacks before 8 hours left in the war. The more attacks that we can get done in the first night, the better.


There are two ways to get on the War League roster. You can earn an automatic spot by scoring at least 1500 points in the Clan Games right before the next War League. The other way is to make sure that you're opted in for war before the league search starts. You can always opt in and out as needed during the war league week to let us know which rounds you will be available to battle.

We usually have mostly th14's and only a few th13's and do 15x15 wars. The th13's can claim any base on the map. If there is no mirror of a th13 that they think they can 3 star, they should pick the highest base on the map that they are confident of 2 starring. Our th14's can claim any base on the map that is a mirror of one of our th14's. If a th13 attacks a mirror of a th14, then that th13's mirror is available for a th14 to attack (preferably someone that is confident of 3 starring it).


We have 12 th14's and 3 th13's in a round. Numbers 13 through 15 can claim any base on the map. Numbers 1 through 12 can claim any opposing base from 1 through 12. However, if our number 13 claims #10, then any of our th14's can also claim 13.

Since we only get one attack per person, it is usually a good idea to use an attack that will guarantee 2 stars rather than a riskier attack that may result in less than 2 stars. If we average at least 2 stars per attack in a round, we will likely win that round.

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