Vitality Vitality


General Rules
  • Fill donations before requesting (standard - archers/wizards).
  • Respect donation request (especially for war).
  • Try to maintain 1:1 donation ratio.
  • Opt In/Out for Clan Wars.
  • Participate on Clan Games.

War Rules

  • Opt in for war only if you can use both attacks.
  • Opt out if your hero or spell factory is down.
  • Lower bases are requested to attack early.
  • Always attack with full army, spell and clan castle troops.

If you have any questions on what base to attack, please ask a Co-Leader for Help or Strategy.

New Members

  • We use BAND app for communication outside the game, so we encourage members to download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, search for Vitality and join the group. You can also go to in your browser.
  • We will include new members in war based on donation, chat activities, army level for a given town hall and friendly challenge performance.
  • We do not accept if they are not eligible for war. We want to make sure that they are serious for war and will use both attacks.
  • We kick people if they are a$$, miss war attacks, donation or activity get worse over time. If you want to take some time off, let co-leaders know or leave a message in BAND app.

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