Tactics editor

Upload base picture

To use Tactics editor upload picture of opponent base first.

See Tactics editor in action using demo base.

Demo base

The Tactics Editor allows your clan members to upload pictures of bases and map out attack strategies with a unique and intelligent editor designed specifically for ClashTrack members!

The Tactics Editor can be used in a general sense to plan a base strategy and download that plan. This can be used in many ways, for example developing a library of 3 star attack strategies on opponent bases.

  • It tracks the troops & spell slots used.
  • It provides a 'scaling' feature so that Spells are to scale, and are accurate!
  • Stage Icons that signal the steps in a strategy. For example "1" will be the CC lure, "2" Kill Squad & troops, and so on.
  • Arrows of different colors and translucent where needed, lets you mark the path of each stage of troops