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Enter the amount of gold in storage on Battle day. Start with the highest level of Gold Storage.

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War weight

What is it? War weight is a big deal in the Clash of Clans world. It influences the matchmaking system in Clan Wars. The matchmaking system will try to match your clan with another clan having similar strength or war weight. Overall clan weight is the combined weight of each base. Each base has it’s own war weight number that represents the base strength.

Where do you find your war weight?

The best method to calculate war weight is the "counting" method. Counted war weight can be calculated by scouting a WAR base on Battle Day (very important it is Battle Day, not Preparation Day!) OR scouting ANY base in Friendly Challenge mode. Either screen will provide the member’s loot information needed to calculate the individual base war weight. Friendly challenge mode allows you to get the war weight at any time, instead of waiting for war day or relying on old war details.

The counting

Scout the base on Battle Day. If the Gold Storages are all the ‘Same Level’ Select 'info' on one gold storage and multiply that number by the amount of gold storages on the base. Don’t forget that the town hall also serves as a storage.
So, if you have 4 equal level gold storages, info the gold and multiply that number by five (town hall included) to get the base war weight.
As seen in the image below this player has a town hall of level 9 and has 4 equal gold storages plus the town hall.
Then the formula would be: 13600 * 5 / 1000 = 68
And there you go, the war weight of that player is 68.

War weight
Snapshot of TH9 gold storage

If the Gold Storages are 'Not the Same Level', for example the base is a new TH9 and has 3 equal storages and 1 storage of level 1 then add the total amount in all the storages. A formula would be: (14250 + 14250 + 14250 + 1000 + 14250) / 1000 = 58 (where 3 gold storages = 14250, 1 gold storage = 1000 and TH = 14250)

The higher my war weight the better?

This is not necessarily true. The higher the war weight gets by upgrading strong defence like Xbows, the stronger opponents you and your clan will get. When people upgrade their town hall to level 9 they are often quick to build the Xbows. But why do that? Xbows weigh a lot, and if the walls are still level 8 or even lower (because the base wasn’t max’d) a bad match could occur in Clan Wars. This is not Supercell’s fault, the war search is for two clans with the same combined war weight. Therefore, you may want to maintain a lower war weight for a matching advantage.