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Please be at least 16 years of age - or at least behave like it!

War: Most wars are won or lost based on everyone's participation - not individual results - so everyone is expected to attack their allocated target at the time they're asked. The lower you are on the war roster, the earlier you’ll be needed to attack - we work our way up the list. We take this pretty seriously, so if you can't commit to that, opt out of war.

Games: If you're going to take part in Games, you need to aim for maximum points. Anything less than 1000 will be considered 'leeching' off everyone else's hard work. Not participating (getting zero points) is okay, but you won't get any rewards.

Donations: During war, only donate if your troops are within 2 levels of the maximum (eg. level 7+ giants), and only give what is asked. Outside war, anything goes - all donations are welcome. Try to keep your ratio reasonably even - nobody likes the guy who requests every ten minutes and doesn't give back.

Chat: In-game chat is very limited and we want to keep it clear for game-related conversations (not whatever happened at school that day!). We use Discord for war coordination, important messages as well as whatever banter and chat you like, so please install it and keep notifications on.

Promotions: We don't give our titles easily, and if titles are important to you, this probably isn't the right clan for you. Our Elders are people who have been with us a long time and show dedication including consistent war and games participation and good donation ratios. Co-Leaders are those who show real leadership by coordinating wars, helping others with building and attack advice and setting our overall strategy.

We play to have fun but also to win, so be warned - our clan is almost full, so failing to use war attacks, leeching off others in games, annoying in-game chatter and failure to donate will get you kicked to make space for someone who plays by the rules.

The password to join is BELLTOWER. Please put this in your join request message in the game.

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