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Troop 422 Membership Rules

We accept new members that are:

  • TH9-TH12s who score well in Clan Games and are active; or
  • Strong TH13s for the Clan War League.

We expect all members to abide by the following rules.  Failure to follow these is likely to result in being kicked from the Clan:

  • Use English and be polite in chat;
  • Treat other Clan members with respect;
  • Keep a league badge (allowances are made during the first part of any new season);
  • Donate (more than a nominal amount) to other Clan members (allowances made for Alt accounts) and maintain a sensible ratio between troops requested and troops received
  • Contribute to Clan Games; and
  • Whilst we have no lower age limit, we expect members to conduct themselves in a mature way.

For eligibility for Elder status, please see the Requirements page.

We have a private facebook group page which members can join by copying the following link into their browser:

¡Haga su sitio web de clan!