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  Who we are    This is an Adult (18+) Fair Play WAR CLAN.  Clean Language, bring your kids to visit sorta place.  Military here & welcome.  We are looking for war minded clashers that understand the concept of group play.  Our ultimate objective is to have an Elite Warring Clan with a core group of players.  We pride ourselves in our mentoring, caring and sharing attitudes.  We like to WIN WARS, and have the 'do whatever it takes' mentality to get the job done!

Who we want  Teamwork, Communication and being Active in the clan are requirements.  No rushed bases, although we may consider you sitting out of war while you bring your base to where it needs to be.  Like Minded members that understand 'Who we Are' and game with the same player ethics.

Why this Clan & Trial Week: Everything about this clan is Group Play.  We are all in, we do for others & make decisions together.  It's a great place if you are a war minded, team player.  Anything else and it may not be your happy place.  Every member is allowed a 1 week trial period before committing to the clan.  This first week is also a time to demonstrate you are a team player, communicate effectively and are active.

Find us on Discord: TaNiZiacK#9767

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