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  • It's a war clan, so you WAR here.  
  • Fair Play only.  
  • We recommend both hero's are up for, but if you can 100% your match then we support that
  • War clan means War base.  We follow the offense first upgrade method, as well as maxing out each TH level.  We maintain defensive War Weight.   ASK for feedback as you upgrade.  No RUSHED, no ENGINEERed.
  • You already know the RULES right? so not going to lecture you on active, communicate and team player.  Just know they are important enough to be mentioned here again.  
  • Make sure you understand the WAR STRATEGY and your role in that strategy
  • You must participate in war attack PLANNING , we believe it is vital to war success (combined with feedback)
  • BOTH war attacks.  period.
  • 100% in for war.  Win, Lose or Draw we are all in.  We don't loot, we don't snipe and whatever we do we do it as a team.

Two apps outside of the game are required:  no exceptions

1.  Discord app is our clan chat   GROUP INVITE:  https://discord.gg/73S3dpZ

2.  www.clashtrack.com is our Clan Management tool.

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