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We used to have a long list of rules, but since we already know you are a mature war monger we know that you will pick up everything you need to know by being active in the clan.  So read the basic RULES & REQUIREMENTS and get settled in!!

when you first arrive Please OPT OUT of war Once you have seen a couple wars, been active in the clan , understand the clan setup you should be set to be an active warring member. By this time you should understand WAR: attack planning & war strategy , clan troop donations and what 'active' means. Ask questions about anything and everything. Touch base with leadership and then OPT IN. You are ready to go!


Keeping it simple - you READ, you request & you fill. You will notice we do fill special request troops. So if you see someone is 'cooking' then don't fill that request, because you will stick donator with those troops. MAX TROOPS ONLY FOR WAR!


Pretty simple to be a team player, be courteous & considerate in the game. This is an active clan, an active group of players and we play hard but take wars seriously. In our book being a team player means doing your share, using both war attacks, giving and taking feedback from your clan mates. There are no solo heroes in our clan, EVERYONE matters. Fly by attacks, warring without planning or communicating and not showing up for 4 days without a word isn't how it works here.

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