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Wars are team events!!! 

  1. MAX troops only!  Do not use Archers, Barbs, Giants as main attack troops.  
  2. Take time to plan your attack.
  3. Don't rush you there is plenty of time.  
  4. Do not use only one type of Troop . Plan to take out the WAR CC too.
  5. Use standard strategies that you have mastered.
  6. Base your strategy on your opponent.  (For example: Slow moving troops for a spread out base will not 3 Star)
  7. We spend hours playing spend 10 min watching videos. (COC has links in the Events section)
  8. If your war performance is suffering, push trophies to practice on tougher bases. 

BASE Levels

We all get excited about the new stuff.  Max out your Heroes, defence and troops before upgrading TH levels. When you upgrade there are several things to do.  DO NOT UPGRADE NEW DEFENCE TOWERS

(This order will help you make lots of LOOT in the long run.)  :-) 

Recommended Upgrade order.

  1. Camps (More troops)
  2. Spell Factory (More spells)
  3. Laboratory/Dark spell factory
  4. WAR CC
  5. Mine and Collectors 

You now have more troops and will gain resources faster.  

  1. Upgrade unsexy everyday raiding troops first (more resources faster) 
  2. Heroes Heroes Heroes.  Most import troops of all.  
  3. Traps, Air defence, Tesla's, Air bombs, etc. (really effective) 
  4. Walls if you have extra resources


War Weight Matters you need time to get your Attack Troops high enough to to defend the new defence.  War matching is based on your defence.  

  1. Upgrade basic towers first their weight is really low. 
  2. Archers are the all purpose and at the higher levels they come close to X-bows DPS.
  3. Try to upgrade only one type at a time. (Mix it up so your overall defence is not weakened)


Add these once your Heroes are 50% maxed of your Town hall. You will see your placement go up really fast in the war matching.   

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