Nighthawks Nighthawks


  • Be an active member by attacking in weekly (Friday) clan war. Whole clan will be in this war. (Participation expected)
  • Remainder of the week is available for wars of any size upon request. (Non-participation does not count against being considered an active member)
  • Earn points in clan games. (Participation expected)
  • Be friendly and polite.
  • Request troops any and all times your castle is empty (including when farming).
  • Find a playing style and frequency that allows you to enjoy playing COC no matter what your Town Hall level. (Clan mates are a good source of ideas.)
  • Read the Gameplay book under Settings (gear icon)/Help and Support/ Gameplay or you won’t know half of the options available to you. 
  • If you’re not enjoying COC use clan chat to tell us about the issue or your feelings then read the response. We want you to stay here and have fun learning about the COC world where your village exists. Note: Reading the Gameplay book will eliminate a lot of confusion and dissatisfaction before it starts.

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