ClashTrack's Discord bot

How to install the bot *

  1. Install the ClashTrack bot onto your Discord server
  2. Choose to either run the ClashTrack bot on an existing channel or create a new channel now.
  3. Create a new role for the bot and limit it to only the channel you chose. Allow this role to send embed messages.
  4. Get your channel ID by typing !channel in your war channel (e.g. 718734769712320512). On, paste the number in Clan setting page Discord channel ID field.
  5. Type !help to get all the commands. Note: clan and war related commands can be used only for the linked clan!

* You need to be owner of Discord server to install bot! Also you need to be clan owner or admin to access Clan settings page.

War commands

Command Description Usage Alias
!attack Register attack !attack [attacker] [defender] [stars] [percentage] !a
!call Call a base !!call [attacker] [defender] !c
!called List called bases for current war
!defense Register defense !defense [defender] [attacker] [stars] [percentage] !d
!lock Locks base for calling !lock [defender]
!locked List all bases locked for calling
!open List all bases available for calling. !open [town hall level (optional)]
!status Shows war status with how many left attacks on uncleared bases by Town hall level
!strategy Display war message for current war
!sync Synchronize war attacks and defenses through API
!team List team for current war
!uncall Cancel call base for calling !uncall [attacker] [defender] !cancel
!unlock Unlocks base for calling !unlock [defender]
!unused Shows members with unused attacks. !unused [town hall level (optional)]
!war Information about current war !result
!who Who called this base !who [opponent number]

Clan commands

Command Description Usage Alias
!channel Get the channel ID
!player Display player information from API !player [tag]
!clan Display clan information from API !clan [tag]
!password Display clan's password
!tag Display your linked clan's tag
!website Get clan's website link if website is created
!rules Display clan rules link (if clan has website)

Fun commands

Command Description Usage Alias
!fail Send public gif to the player who failed at war
!gj Send public gif to the player who did a good job for the clan or war
!slap Dark jokes